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TVGuide Processor


 (That’s an alpha version so please backup your TV guide file before to use this program)



This program allows you to modify you XMLTV TV guide file.


1) Unwanted channels deletion


2)  Channels renaming


3) Channel merging


4) Some system actions (launch an executable, rename, delete, copy, or download a file)




1) Path to the TV guide file. A TV guide file MUST be entered before to add a new tasks
2) Button to open a TV Guide file
3) Tabs to switch between functions
4) Buttons to open or save a template file. This file stores a list of the created tasks.
5) Nobody knows what it can do ;-)
6) With this button you can add a task (Rename, Merge, …) to the task list
7) Task list. Once saved in a template file, these tasks will be processed from top to bottom.
8) With this buttons you can move up or down your task.
9) With this one you can update the selected task in the task list.
10) This button allows you to edit an existing (selected) entry.
11) Delete the selected task
12) Launch the process with all selected tasks without need to save in a template file.

How does it works?

Once the template file is created, you can launch the executable with the template name as parameter:
    XMLTVProcessor.exe C:\mytemplate.xml
If we launch it without a parameter, the GUI is opened, else the template is processed
A log file is generated in the same folder as the application
This program is standalone but you should have .Net 2.0 Framework installed
You can schedule it without problem